Faking It - Series Premiere


The romantic comedy ``Faking It'' uses a liberal Texas community and a high-school-age cast to present a commentary on sexual orientation, tolerance and acceptance among young people today. Karma and Amy are inseparable friends who rely on their bond for comfort and support. In fact, they are so close that, after numerous failed attempts to click with the popular crowd, they are outed as lesbians. It's a mistake that needs to be corrected -- unless it has advantages! For Karma and Amy, being thought of as lovers means instant celebrity among their peers, and there is no way the ruse can end now. ``American Idol'' fans may recognize Katie Stevens, who plays Karma. Stevens was a ninth-season finalist on the singing competition.

My problem (after seeing the first episode):

I have no problem with a gay couple. I have no problem with a lesbian couple. My problem is with ambiguity or with unrequited love. I can see how this show will play out. We know (or rather we strongly suppose) Amy is a lesbian because the show creators have already told us that (via the gay character and the old adage “it takes one to know one” ) so I can’t help but feel terrible for her as it’s clear she’s about to embark on a voyage of unrequited love for her best friend who is obsessed with the free-thinking (male) “artist”.

This tells me that the show can only end with Amy realising that she is in fact a lesbian, and professing her love for her best friend who either a) is afraid to lose her as a best friend and so forces feelings that aren’t there or b) just tells her she doesn’t feel the same way – forcing them to go their separate ways in search of “who they really are” although they proclaim that they will “still be best friends” the audience knows that nothing will be the same for them again.

You never know though – I guess it’s possible that MTV could surprise me…and the show could go in an entirely different direction. We’ll just have to wait and see . . .