The Bridge

The Bridge is a new series on Fx - you'll like it if you like "The Killing". 

It's main protagonist is Sonya Cross - she's definitely on the Autism spectrum - very high functioning Asperger's would be my guess; she speaks her maind, avoids eye contact and follows the law and procedure to the letter. They haven't actually mentioned her condition but they've alluded to it and the lead actress (Diane Kruger) plays it very well. Sonya's sister died when she was 15 years old (her sister was 18) and it greatly affected her. Perhaps her only fiend is the police captain who is like a father to her. She does not like to be touched or hugged and the captain endeeringly bypasses this by nudging her with his shoulder. 

The show begins with the murder of a Judge who's body is placed on the bridge separating Texas and Mexico but here's the twist - only half her body was placed there - the other half belonged to a Mexican girl who had also been murdered so . . . Enter the Mexican police in the form of Marco Ruiz. 

Marco is everything that Sonya is not - he's considerate, kind and he plays fast and loose with the rules sometimes but always in the best interests of another person or of the case. The one time that he slips for selfish reason is when he cheats on his wife with a woman he first met on the bridge. Her husband was having a heart attack and they were attempting to take him by ambulance across the bridge. Of course by this point Sonya had shut down the bridge because of the bodies placed there - Marco allows the ambulance through the blockage to "save a man's life" and Sonya makes a formal complaint about him for it. 

Many would have been angry at Sonya - she is not someone who makes friends quickly but Marco persists and by the 5th episode she's allowed him to come and stay at her house. This is of course after she inadvertedly revealse to his wife the fact that he had an affair with the woman from the Bridge...

The case itself is interesting and full of twists. All they have is a voice on the phone, a killer trying to make a political statement (why does it matter so much more when 1 white person is killed in Texas as opposed to 250 girls being murdered just over the border in Mexico where even the police are corrupt) and now by the 5th episode - they have come to know him as "The Beast" and they may have a witness in the form of a young girl who was hiding in a cupboard as he killed someone.